Thursday, June 16, 2005

How We Began

Our First Undertaking
The EVA is taking an active role in trying to preserve the Pulda Farm on Davidson's Mill Road. With a Dutch farmhouse dating back to the 1600's, a family cemetery with a Revolutionary war veteran, and over a hundred acres of prime New Jersey farm soil, the farm is under assault from out of town developers who want to make a killing with high profile development.

A large warehouse developer has already made an effort to convince the Township to rezone the land for industrial development instead of the current two acre rural residential zoning allowed. EVA members and local residents successfully helped derail this first effort before the Township Planning Board who voted unanimously to recommend against such a change.

While all is currently quiet on the Township level, the developer has continued his stranglehold on the land and has refused to respond to queries regarding land preservations offers.

The land is designated for County Farmland preservation funding. As well, since it connects to and "finishes off" the Pigeon Swamp State Park tract, Green Acres has shown an interest as have various other State and local land preservation funders interested in saving the historic integrity of the land.

The EVA is dedicated to preserving this farm as well as the rural nature of the remaining lands in the Northeastern section of South Brunswick.


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