Sunday, June 19, 2005

Signs of the Times

Lawn Signs Proclaim the Mission

Motorists driving on Davdison's Mill Road, Fresh Ponds Road, Deans-Rhode Hall Road, and White Pine Road see EVA's presence on neighborhood lawns.

EVA has encouraged residents to show support for our rural zoning by putting special signs on their lawns. One sign shows a red circle crossing out a message regarding the proposed zoning change while the other sign shows a similar opposition to warehouses in the district.

Apparently, local politicians have noticed the signs, making mention of them in e-mails to EVA members. Hopefully, this is an effective way of getting the message across.

We also have a larger sign posted across from the Pulda Farm pointing to the beautiful lands offering more information to anyone concerned with saving our heritage.

EVA has been meeting at the Fresh Ponds Chapel. We now have an elected steering committee and a growing sense of organization and committment.


At 7:47 PM, Blogger Gospel Workers said...

Thanks so much, Jean, for all your input on the EVA emphasis and for the combined efforts of all those who see the seriousness of the situations and are willing to get involved for the cause of right in South Brunswick Township, where our family has several generational roots. We at Fresh Ponds are happy to share our facilities for EVA and other worthy neighborhood activities, especially since the 165-year-old Chapel and the adjacent Schoolhouse were the hub of this portion of the community since early days.


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