Friday, May 11, 2007

Are We Losing Ground?

New Jersey's Not the Garden State Any More

EVA's battle to save the Van Dyke Farm and to protect the Pigeon Swamp State Park from warehouse flooding continues.

Sometimes it seems we take a few steps forward only to fall back those same few steps soon after. The farm preservation effort is stalled on the State and County levels with no word, good or bad about progress.

The flooding issue waits for the report from PMK scheduled in July, but in the meantime, the water continues to pour across the farm field and into the interior parklands every time there is a heavy rain. The new infiltration basins did little to stop the water during the two big spring storms and now that the water table is high, water will continue to flood into the park, flushing Turnpike runoff onto the lands.

EVA is not alone in its concern about protecting our lands. Michael Levine, a talented moviemaker from West Windsor has seen his area consumed by development as well. With his artistic gift and vision, he has given voice and vision to the vanishing farms of New Jersey.

His film, "Losing Ground," promises to speak eloquently for rural New Jersey. If you are interested in seeing the trailer for his film and learning more about it, visit his website at:

EVA remains committed to preserving the eastern rural areas of South Brunswick. We promise to do all we can to not lose any more of our precious ground .


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