Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Trucks to the Right of Them, Trucks to the Left.....

So Let's Be Fair

I certainly respect Kingston residents' concerns about big trucks being allowed to use Route 27. All of their arguments against it are valid.

But let's be fair. If the Mayor and Council want to rise to Kingston's defense, then they should also take a good look at the problem elsewhere in the Township.

The Davidson Mill Road Committee completed its traffic study of the eastern portion of the Township in July, 2006. The report received a reply from the police/traffic department, but so far the Council has not taken up the issues.

Let's see. Kingston residents claim Route 27 is too narrow for trucks, it has no shoulders, it passes through residential areas, and that truck vibrations can damage historic buildings.

Deans-Rhode Hall Road is narrow, it has no shoulders, it passes through residential areas, and truck vibrations regularly shake homes.

Route 27 is a State road, and the Mayor seems willing to fight to protect its residents from trucks. Deans-Rhode Hall Road is a County road and the Township traffic department claims that because of that, there is no way to control the truck traffic.

At one point, the completion of Route 522 was supposedly going to take the trucks off residential roads in the east of town. The last time the question was brought up, County control over those roads was used to claim no promises could be made. Why does the Mayor and, I presume, the Council seem prepared to petition against State traffic regulations while not being willing to do the same on the County level?

While trucks rumble through residential areas in Deans, Dayton, and the rest of the Eastern Villages, we read that Kingston residents and the Mayor are ready to stand in opposition to trucks on 27.

Sure, Kingston residents deserve protection, but what about the rest of us?


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