Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Do You Want to Help?

If you are interesting in helping preserve the Van Dyke Farm, here is a list of important people who need to hear of your support for this important project.

Ralph Albanir County OpenE-mail Address(es):
Christopher J. Killmurray SBE-mail Address(es):
Carol Barret SB Dep. MayorE-mail Address(es):
Joe Camarota (SB Council)E-mail Address(es):
Dorothy Guzzo, NJHPOE-mail Address(es): NJHPO@DEP.STATE.NJ.US
Senator InversoE-mail Address(es):
Stephen Dalina County parE-mail Address(es): Assemblywoman Linda GreensteinE-mail Address(es): Assemblyman Baroni 2005E-mail Address(es):
Linda Busch (County Farm)E-mail Address(es):

Please join us in this significant historic conservation effort by emailing these people.


At 12:39 PM, Anonymous reinkefj said...

If you are creating a private fund with no government funding, then I'd love to help. Voluntary solutions are best. If this is more government open space where we are going to take tax dollars extracted at gun point from unhappy taxpayers, count me among the opposition. The hallmark of a bad idea is if you can't convince people to support it voluntarily. "Tin cupping" or "passing the hat" good; taxes bad.


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