Friday, March 24, 2006

Categoy 1 Under Threat

Pigeon Swamp Category 1 Watershed

Reasearch into a beaver dam in the Pigeon Swamp area led EVA's Bill Klimowicz to a startling finding about the Pigeon Swamp and all its waters. This valuable environment is classified as a Category 1 watershed by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

This puts an entirely new spin on all the issues EVA has been facing. Category 1 watersheds are the most protected in the State because they are a source of drinking water. We knew the Great Ditch which feeds out of the swamp was a protected waterway, but the revelation that all the waters and the aquifer of the entire swamp are also protected makes our determination to end stormwater encroachment from the warehouses and the Turnpike all the more critical.

Members of the EVA are on a task force set up by the South Brunswick Township Council to discuss concerns in the development area. First and foremost will be the stormwater issues. We believe the DEP will be having a say as well. Hopefully, the problems can be resolved soon.

EVA is committed to protecting our natural and historic treasures.


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