Monday, August 01, 2005

Where Are We Now? In a Quandary.

In a Lake of Quandary

Well, we are still under water on the Green Acres lands, even two weeks after the heavy rains. As you can see the water here is now still over a foot deep as far as I dared wade in. A few more steps and it would have been over the top of my boots.

Concerns now surround future development on the land to the east of the NJ Turnpike.

Engineers involved claim there will be no more stormwater introduced into the drainage area by the new development. The problem is, the five previous developments made the same promises. As you can see, the calculations may have been off.

Prior to warehouse development along Davidson's Mill Road with a series of storm drains, a detention pond, and a drainage ditch feeding water under the NJ Turnpike, the land where I am standing was dry. Maps from 1981 indicate no sign of wetlands here. Now, the land has been flooded since February, with no end in sight.

The new warehouse development proposes a major expansion of the detention pond on the east side of the Turnpike as well as two large drainage culverts running east/west under the building, both emptying into the pipes under the Turnpike. All this does is repeat and expand an already failed stormwater runoff system.

On Wednesday, August 3, the South Brunswick Planning Board will be hearing and voting on an approval of this new warehouse. We need voices to express concern over the repeated flooding of our State parkland.


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