Sunday, July 17, 2005


A search through Planning Board files in South Brunswick confirms the following:

The retention/detention pond on block 21.01, where the new warehouse is proposed is connected to stormwater runoff lines from warehouses on the north side of Davidson Mill Road. I will research the exact definition of retention and detention to determine exactly what kind of pond this is. It has an inflow pipe at one end and an outflow pipe at the other.

The pond was built in conjuction with the Circuit City warehouse development in 1999.

A drainage ditch was dug from the pond to the drainage pipes under the New Jersey Turnpike at about mile marker 77.

Overflow water from the pond drains under the Turnpike to a ponding area at the border of Green Acres land in the Pigeon Swamp State Park.

The pond has been overflowing as noted in the pictures in the blog below.

Some DEP permits exist, but it is not clear that all required permits were obtained. This is being investigated by various DEP people.

We must remember that stormwater runoff laws have just changed recently, so rules in 1999 may well have been followed.

In 2001, plans for the third warehouse in the Opus complex north of Davidson Mill Road show stormwater runoff also being drained into the southern pond. The other two warehouses in the Opus complex also drain excess stormwater into this area.

EVA is encouraging interested Township officials to visit the site of the flooding to see exactly what has been happening.

Watch this site for further updates.


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