Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Investigation Continues

As the water still sits surrounding the trees, appalling most visitors to the flood site, EVA continues to investigate.

The NJ Turnpike did allow the water to pass through its pipes only after assurances that the excess water would not damage its property or flood the roadway. It was up to other agencies to determine whether or not the water would cause problems at the downstream side.

There was some kind of natural ponding area at the drainage site when the Turnpike was built. That is why two 54" drainage pipes were built under the roadway.

Prior to the warehouse construction, the detention pond, and the drainage ditch, runoff from the Turnpike did not flood the area.

The detention pond was nearly dry on Saturday, July 23. A witness claimed that after the heavy thunderstorm that flooded Jamesburg, the detention pond and nearly 7 feet of water in it. All of that water would have drained under the Turnpike to the Green Acres lands to the west.

The plans for the new proposed warehouse and the current construction of Middlesex Boulevard all have drainage systems directed towards the Turnpike drainage pipes. This will send further flood waters into the Pigeon Swamp Parklands and the farm fields.

We are still waiting to hear from the DEP.


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