Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal

Things may well be moving along on preserving the Van Dyke farm. The developer has met with State and local officials and there seem to be some developments. While I cannot report on any success yet, hopes are high that we may make some progress on this important project.

In the meantime, the EVA has continued its efforts to teach the marvelous history of our area and the farm in particular. We have a display of photographs taken in the Pigeon Swamp State Park, the farm, and surrounding areas of the Eastern Villages Association and plan on showing them at the South Brunswick Library and the South Brunswick Municipal Building in the near future. As well, we have obtained an exciting collection of historic items from the Van Dyke farm collected by former resident Arthur Van Dyke. Included are an old cannonball, some Native American arrowheads, other tools and an amazing handmade covered wagon toy.

Our township historian, Ceil Leedom, is currently examining a collection of old deeds as well as the original sale document of Amy, the family slave. There is also a beautiful spinning wheel which may date back to the early years of the farm.

We hope to display these precious artifacts as well in the future. The Van Dyke farm's incredible heritage has been preserved for well over 200 years. We hope to share its treasures for many more years to come.


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