Wednesday, December 26, 2007

All Quiet on the Western Side

So, What's Cooking?

The silence here is frustrating, as we really don't know what is going on with the Van Dyke Farm. Assessments are complete and, apparently offers have been made by the County to buy the farm, but so far, no news.

I do need, as well, to ride out to see how the flooding is. My concern is that the CNJ basin, supposedly an infiltration basin, has had water in it since the first rains in October. My understanding was that this particular basin was supposed to drain into the aquifer within 72 hours of a storm such as the ones we've been having.

My calls to the Township and its engineers have not had much of an effect. One of the engineers claims the basin is an infiltration/detention basin that will have water in it due to the overflow from the other basins feeding into it long after a rain, but that does not explain what is happening, nor does it satisfy me.

I was "flu struck" through the early weeks of December, so I haven't managed to follow through on this, so now that I am better, I am going to investigate further and begin some action.

The widening of the NJ Turnpike in the flood area poses another chance to make some really positive corrections of the flooding. I am pleased to report that apparently the Turnpike designers have heard our complaints and, as if the last TP meeting I attended, there are plans to build another detention basin adjacent to the flooded area to control the flow of stormwater. I do need to follow up on this as well to find out the specifics, but this may prove a significant step in remediating the current flood damage.

Here's hoping 2008 brings us success in our endeavors. The EVA remains committed to protecting and preserving the heritage and natural resources of Northeastern South Brunswick.


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