Sunday, September 09, 2007

Flood Study

Accusations Confirmed

The preliminary report from the PMK flood study have confirmed EVA's contentions that the flooding into the Pigeon Swamp State Park is indeed caused by the warehouses to the east.

A thorough analysis of data and the hydrology (the way the water works in an area) bear out the fact that the NJ Turnpike's widening was a minor contribution compared to what happened when the Opus, Wakefern, and Circuit City complexes began piping their overflow stormwater into the Turnpike culverts.

The new CNJ basin has eased the problem a little, but the flooding continues.

What remains to be seen is how the complicated and well designed infiltration basins of the Trammel Crow warehouses, being built now, will affect the situation.

PMK consultant, Joe Skupien, believes those basins will restore the area to close to what it was before the warehouses were built.

I am personally having a probelm grasping that concept. But, I will reserve judgment.

In the meantime, remediation efforts vary from increasing some pipe sizes, again something I question, to, in the long run, reconfiguring the current basins at the involved warehouses.

Members of the Davidson Mill Road Committee are studying the preliminary report and will offer comments before it is finally presented to the Township Council.

For now, we are satisfied to have been proven right about what has been happening.

Stay tuned for more as the situation and report develops.